50 English Idioms and Phrases Meaning

Idioms and Phrases Meaning

Idioms and phrases are some of the most used and fascinating aspects of the English language. They are used in all forms of sentences and languages both formally and informally, while speaking and writing. Understanding the appropriate use of idioms and phrases greatly enhances the learner’s language skills. So everyone must know what are idioms and phrases when to use them, and examples of idioms.



One of the main problems with people is that idioms and phrases’ meanings are sometimes difficult to understand. Idiomatic expressions are often impossible to guess the meaning of the words they contain. They can have both literal meanings in one situation and different idiomatic meanings in another situation. They normally do not follow rules of meaning and grammar which makes it a little difficult.

There are many idioms and phrases available in the market right now that you can buy and help yourself. But this article brought you only 50 idioms and phrases which may help you a little bit.

  1. Ad hoc: for a special purpose
  2. Raining cats and Dog: Heavily
  3. To look down one’s nose: to regard with contempt
  4. Sought after: in great demand
  5. At one’s beck and call: to attend a call
  6. Wet blanket: killjoy
  7. To bury the hatchet: to make peace
  8. To fall flat: to retreat
  9. To put two and two together: to deduce from given facts
  10. To beat about the bush: not to come to the point/ to speak in a roundabout manner
  11. Watch his step: walk carefully
  12. A bird’s view: an overview
  13. To be in hot water: to be in trouble
  14. To keep in abeyance: in a state of suspension
  15. To be in a fix: in a difficult situation
  16. To break the ice: make people relaxed and comfortable
  17. Sit on the fence: halting between two opinions
  18. A sacred cow: a person never to be criticized
  19. To take after: to resemble
  20. Have a finger in every pie: to be meddlesome
  21. The jury is out: no decision has been reached
  22. To take to heels: ran off
  23. Was plain sailing: was very easy
  24. A Bolt from the blue: A Complete surprise
  25. Gift of the gap: have a talent for speaking
  26. A wild goose chase: fruitless pursuit
  27. A close-fisted person: a miser
  28. To feather one’s own nest: to enrich oneself when opportunity occurs
  29. A close shave: a narrow escape
  30. To keep up one’s appearances: to keep up an outward show of prosperity
  31. To call a spade a spade: to be frank
  32. A shot in the dark: an attempt to guess something
  33. In a nutshell: Briefly
  34. From the bottom of my heart: I wholly
  35. A hard nut to crack: a difficult task
  36. To cut one short: to interrupt one
  37. To fight tooth and nail: to fight heroically
  38. To make castles in the air: to do day-dreaming
  39. Turn the tide: reverse a situation
  40. Let the cat out of the bag: to leak out the secrets
  41. To make both ends meet: to live within one’s means
  42. To bell the cat: to lead and face danger
  43. Carry weight: carry burden
  44. Turn down: reject
  45. Stem the tide: stop
  46. To read between the lines: to understand the hidden meaning of the word
  47. A dark horse: an unknown entry/ unexpected winner
  48. Throw cold water: discourage
  49. Under a cloud: under suspicion
  50. Get the sack: be dismissed

The article aims to help everyone out not only as a comprehensive reference book but also as a valuable learning tool. It is essential to those people who want to understand the use of idioms and phrases in the English language and for those people who are preparing for various competitive exams.

Wish you the best for your exams.

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