50 One Word Substitution list in English

One Word Substitution in English

In this article, we will be discussing the one word substitution in English that mostly and usually comes to many competitive exams across India. We will share 50 numbers of one-word substitutions that have already come in many Indian competitive exams. You can visit this website to learn not just one word substitutions A-Z, but will be getting other study materials and notes.

One Word Substitution

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What is one one-word substitution?

The use of a single or one word in place of sentences or wordy phrases to make the sentence clearer is called one-word substitution. One word substitutions define a sentence’s meaning by giving one word.

What is the importance of one word substitution?

Easy One-word substitution is important in many ways, mostly in exams because it usually comes in most Indian competitive exams. Many students failed to answer it correctly because they had not come to understand or were never familiar with one word substitutions. Therefore, understanding and acknowledging this might help them to get a pass on the exam.

Nowadays, we also usually use this type of substitution instead of saying and creating a single sentence. We substitute one word for single constructed sentences.

Here are 50 the One Word Substitution list that you can check and prepare for exams:

  1. A man with prejudiced views against religion – A bigot
  2. Dungeon entered by trap-door – Oubliette
  3. One desirous of getting money – Avaricious
  4. A funny imitation of a poem – Parody
  5. A house for storing grains – Granary
  6. A place where bricks are baked – Kiln
  7. To do away with a rule – Abrogate
  8. A heavy unnatural slumber – Stupor
  9. Walk in a vain, self-important way – Strut
  10. A song sung at a burial – Dirge
  11. A person who lives himself the most – Narcissist
  12. Something suitable for drinking – Potable
  13. A general contempt towards mankind – Misanthropy
  14. The money paid as divorce settlement – Alimony
  15. Relating to the countries belonging to the west of the world – Occidental
  16. A group of houses in a village – Hamlet
  17. A person who can use both his/her hands easily – Ambidextrous
  18. A person who is skilled at producing beautiful handwriting – calligrapher
  19. Writing which cannot be read – illegible
  20. The imaginary line where the earth and the sky seem to meet – Horizon
  21. One who lends money at a very high-interest rate – usurer
  22. Past events presented in order of sequence – Chronology
  23. The killing of a group of people in a deliberate manner- Genocide
  24. A very complex situation – Imbroglio
  25. One who is in charge of a museum – curator
  26. A place for ammunition and weapons – Arsenal
  27. Someone reserved and shy – an Introvert
  28. A doctrine that equates trod with the focus forces of the universe – Pantheism
  29. An imaginary society free from crimes and poverty – Utopia
  30. The inhabitants living from earliest times in a country – Aborigines
  31. A word or a name that is inappropriate for a person or a thing – Misnomer
  32. A place where bees are kept – Apiary
  33. Something that happens often or that lasts for a long time – Perennial
  34. A large group of artists, dancers, or acrobats – Troupe
  35. Study of change in the number of births, deaths, diseases, etc in a community over some time – Demography
  36. That cannot be avoided in any circumstances – inevitable
  37. Words that are spelled and pronounced in the same way but have different meanings – homonyms
  38. Obtaining something usually money by using force or threat – Extortion
  39. Something related to the brain is the intellectual – Cerebral
  40. An exact copy – facsimile
  41. Wild Imagination – Fantasy
  42. Animal of a particular region – Fauna
  43. Possible to do – Feasible
  44. A group of ships sailing together – fleet
  45. Expel someone from a property, especially with the support of the law – evict
  46. A strong feeling of happiness – euphoria
  47. Rules governing socially acceptable behavior – etiquette
  48. Respect and admiration – esteem
  49. Study of race of mankind – Ethnology
  50. A state of perfect balance – Equilibrium

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